5 breakfasts to lose weight and not go hungry

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, we present 5 breakfast options to lose weight and not go hungry.

Not going hungry is possible even though we are on a diet. How? Very simple. Everything is about taking care of the quantity of food and the quality of it. Stop eating is never the best option if we really want to enjoy good health and have a good figure, according to our constitution.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives us the energy necessary to develop our activities. Many people choose to make a good breakfast to be nourished, satiated and avoid falling into cravings throughout the day.

Contrary to what you can think at first glance, breakfast well does not make you fat. Of course, everything is about maintaining a balance.

The breakfast that makes you lose weight:

A breakfast that helps you lose weight should not be low in calories because, if that were the case, we would be hungry all day long, which would make us nibble on foods that we should not. On the contrary, it should be a balanced and satisfying meal, containing:

  1. Fiber.
  2. Protein.
  3. Grease.
  4. Carbohydrates.

What we should avoid to lose weight are refined flours and sweets, as well as sausages and butter.

5 breakfasts to lose weight and not go hungry:

1. Oatmeal with vegetable milk: Oatmeal is an excellent food for any healthy breakfast and not go hungry. It gives us a lot of energy, it is satiating and rich in fiber, which favors the intestinal transit and the elimination of waste. It also has relaxing properties on the nervous system that help us reduce anxiety.

A simple and nutritious breakfast to lose weight consists of boiling some oatmeal in some vegetable drink (soy, rice, almonds, etc.). We can add a little vanilla or cinnamon, some nuts or a bit of cocoa. While it is ideal for cold days it can also be taken on hot days.

2. Green smoothies: Green smoothies are fashionable because they are very healthy and allow us to lose weight quickly without having to go hungry. Despite its color, which is due to its content in green leaves (spinach, celery, arugula, beet, among others), its flavor is sweet and delicious, because it also contains sweet fruits (bananas, peaches, apples).

These shakes are very satisfying, thanks to their high fiber content, and have a high purifying power that facilitates the elimination of toxins. They are excellent to start the day because the body takes advantage of the levulose of the ingredients and thus gets the energy it needs.

3. Whole toast with avocado: Those who can not do without bread at breakfast, we recommend opting for whole grain breads of different cereals: such as spelled, rye and buckwheat. Today we can find a variety of breads made in a more traditional way that will surprise us for its flavor.

To accompany our portion of whole wheat bread at breakfast, a good option is avocado, a very complete fruit rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber. On the other hand, we can accompany our toast with a little egg (in case we do not want avocado) or a bit of turkey ham.

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4. Spinach and gazpacho omelette: There are people for whom breakfast is very important. In fact, they eat almost as if this was a lunch. Keep in mind that, although it is good to eat well at breakfast, exceeding can be counterproductive. Especially because a very heavy meal at breakfast can numb us.

The best options for a powerful but not excessive breakfast are the tortillas (tomato, spinach, mushrooms and cheese, etc.) and the gazpacho.

5. Coffee with coconut oil, cinnamon and honey:


1 cup of coffee.
1 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil (15 g).
1 teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon (4 g).
1 spoonful of honey (21 g).


We will have to beat the ingredients to make them mix well. The result will be a very energizing drink to start the day. Of course, we can accompany this coffee with a toast of bread or an apple.

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