Method to lose weight every day with pineapple peel

Pineapple peel helps burn body fat healthily. It is also an excellent depurative and serves to eliminate kidney stones.

At present we can gain weight without realizing it. The stress caused by our work, sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits are the main causes of obesity.

But is there any natural method and without much effort to lose weight? There really is something like this and many people waste it day by day. We are talking about the pineapple rind, a part of the fruit that we do not usually use and that has unique and very healthy characteristics.

The pineapple peel could be the solution for many people to lose weight naturally, as well as being a very invasive and quite healthy method.

If we talk about the pineapple in general, we must mention the depurative and diuretic properties it has. In addition, the pineapple has a low caloric content, with 100 grams of fresh fruit to be consumed, our body will get about 70 calories and a lot of fiber.

Then, knowing all the benefits of pineapple, it is easy to imagine the effects it would have on our organism if we consume this fruit periodically. Possibly we would lose weight quickly and naturally in a matter of weeks.

What are the benefits of consuming pineapple peel ?:

If you are wasting the pineapple peel by throwing it in the trash, you should know that you are losing one of the most potent cleansers and diuretics in nature.

Its purifying potential makes our body clean of impurities and substances that could be toxic or harmful.

On the other hand, being a potent diuretic we can eliminate impurities or toxic substances in the urine or feces. Specialists recommend using pineapple to eliminate kidney stones.

Combining these two properties of the pineapple peel we can say that this fruit helps to burn fat effectively and healthily.

Other benefits of pineapple peel:

It is also advisable to use pineapple peel in patients with congestive heart disease, hypertension, liver cirrhosis and those who need edema for the elimination of liquids in the lungs or other limbs.

Combat cholesterol with pineapple peel:

As already mentioned, the consumption of pineapple peel helps to burn fat, but in turn regulates LDL cholesterol or also called bad cholesterol.

It is important to have low LDL cholesterol, as it helps to maintain an ideal blood circulation, in addition to avoiding heart attacks or other cardiovascular diseases.

How to make pineapple peel infusion to lose weight every day ?:

Although the consumption of fruit helps to lose weight naturally, you get a greater effectiveness using pineapple peel, but how to consume it?

The best way to take advantage of pineapple peel is to make infusions. These help keep our body hydrated, in addition to obtaining the benefits of the plant or fruit we use.

To properly prepare the pineapple infusion we must take into account the following recipe.


  • The shell of a medium pineapple (we can omit the leaves).
  • 1 liter of water.


We must soak the pineapple peel in the water, then we must bring the stove to a high heat until it boils. We can add cinnamon or other flavoring to make it taste more pleasant.

We can drink a cup of this infusion on an empty stomach to purify our body every morning. In addition, we ensure that our organs begin to function on a regular basis.

Problems ingesting an infusion of pineapple skin:

As everyone should know the excessive use of any home remedy or drug could lead to problems in our health.

In the case of infusion of pineapple peel, excessive use could cause problems such as:

  •  Dehydration
  • Hypotension
  • Hypokalemic alkalosis.

Therefore, it is best to use it while we need it. It is important to keep in mind that losing weight in an uncontrolled way could also bring us serious health problems.

We must maintain a balance between the use of pineapple peel and our eating habits, only then we can lose weight naturally, in addition to staying healthy and energetic.

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