3 simple habits that will help you lose weight without going hungry

Learning to combine food properly can be essential to lose weight and, most importantly, not recover it in the future.

There are many types of diets, some of them contradictory, and not all work with the same effectiveness to each person. However, there are some very useful and general tips that can help us lose weight.

Discover in this article 3 simple habits that facilitate the loss of healthy weight in a very simple way and without going hungry.

Losing weight without going hungry is possible:

We have a wrong concept of weight loss. We associate it with a restriction of fats and calories, a decrease in rations and an increase in exercise.

Although these are general guidelines, the truth is that there are many factors that influence weight loss.

The most advisable thing is to lose weight in a gradual and healthy way, and adopt good habits that we can maintain in the long term. In this way, although we take a little more time to get the right weight, the result will be more durable and avoid the rebound effect.

Going hungry is never a good option. The people who make this unnecessary sacrifice ignore that the body is intelligent and that this act is the only thing that favors fat reserves and attacks of hunger.

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3 simple slimming habits:

Among the different factors that facilitate weight loss, we recommend these 3 simple habits with surprising results to lose weight and also to prevent health problems.

1. Water with vinegar:

The simple combination of water with apple cider vinegar has miraculous effects to help us lose weight more easily.

  • First, this medicinal beverage accelerates metabolism. This results in higher energy expenditure and an increase in calorie burn.
  • Water with vinegar also reduces blood sugar levels. This benefit, in addition to preventing health problems, calms the craving for sweets and facilitates digestion.
  • Finally, apple cider vinegar facilitates the elimination of fats and toxins from our body.


  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (15 ml).
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml).

How do we take it ?:

We will take this mixture three times a day, half an hour before each of the main meals.

2. Food combination:

Learning to combine food is a very effective key to losing weight by eating the same amount.

The important thing is to discover which foods, if we mix them, fatten us much more than if we eat them at another time.

In addition, thanks to this guideline, we can improve many digestive disorders and even combat fluid retention and bloating.

Foods that we should not mix:

  • Different types of protein in the same food: Meat, fish, egg, legumes. One serving of protein per meal is sufficient, and we will alternate that of animal and vegetable origin.
  • Dairy products should be taken alone. They do not combine well with any other type of food.
  • Desserts, best snack: Both fruits and sweets of all kinds fatten much more and hinder digestion if we take them in food.
  • The protein, better with vegetables: The typical hamburger with potatoes not only gets fat because of the calories it has, but also because of the bad combination of protein and carbohydrates.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Whenever we eat meat we should accompany it with a serving of vegetables. [/pullquote]

3. Smart dinners:

The most important meal of the day that we should keep in mind if we want to lose weight is dinner. What we eat at night often becomes reserves of fat in our body.

There are two issues to consider:

  • Dinner early: We do not recommend eating anything two hours before going to bed. Ideally, dinner should be possible before 8pm.

To avoid hunger, we will try to reinforce the other two main meals, breakfast and lunch.

  • Light dinner: At night we must reduce the consumption of carbohydrates (bread, pizza, pasta, potato), as they provide us with too much energy. Instead, it’s a good choice to choose some protein and vegetable.

In any case, we can add a small portion of cereals such as quinoa, oats or millet, which are rich in protein. Chickpea flour is also an excellent alternative to flour to make crepes and other types of dough.

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