Tuna Diet to Lose Weight

Tuna diet to lose weight. Does it work?

This diet is one of the so-called fast diets that is based on the consumption of a certain food with the objective of multiplying the benefit of all the nutritional properties that this food provides, in this case; the tuna.

Although this diet can be classified as diets for food, the truth is that not only tuna is eaten, but it is combined with other foods such as pineapple and egg white in order to enhance its effects and make the diet even more balanced.

The diet that we are going to treat here is a diet of the so-called shock, is a diet of short duration, 3 days, which will serve to lose weight about 3 kilos quickly.

Being such a short diet, it is difficult to have any kind of harm to health, we only find benefits, however, we never recommend following any diet without the consent of a medical professional or nutrition specialist.

First, we will investigate a little the reason of this diet and what are the properties and benefits that this fish so rich and consumed in our country will bring us and that is part of a balanced diet.

Tuna is a type fish; Blue fish. It is a very easy food to find in any supermarket or fishmonger and has an infinity of ways in which it can be cooked, it is also available “in a can” (in sunflower oil, in olive oil, natural, pickled, with tomato, etc.), although it will always be more interesting to buy fresh fish.

What are the properties of this blue fish ?:

It is one of the most interesting blue fish in terms of nutrition, it is not a very low calorie fish, it contains approximately 10% fat but it is a healthy fat rich in essential oils such as omega 3 and 6, which are attributed to numerous properties.

These fatty acids protect us from cardiovascular diseases, helping to improve the health of our heart, arteries and blood circulation and according to numerous studies also helps to keep our brain healthy.

Tuna also has a high protein content, is the most protein fish, a very important macronutrient for the proper functioning of our body, regeneration and maintenance of our muscles and nerves.

With regard to minerals, potassium and magnesium stand out, complementing the benefits of omega 3, taking care of our cardiovascular health.

Tuna is also a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamins of group A and B.

For so many benefits, it is a food that is very useful for our body. While it is true, it is not a low-calorie fish, but in turn numerous studies have shown that the fatty acids contained in tuna help to reduce resistance to leptin (a hormone that facilitates weight loss) and therefore It can help speed up metabolism and burn fat faster.

The best way to consume it is grilled or steamed because this is how all its properties are conserved and although it is not as advisable, raw is also an option, since it is one of the main ingredients of sushi.

This diet is very simple as well as practice to lose a few kilos in a few days but it is not a diet that should be maintained over time, because it is a crash diet.

The best thing about this diet of tuna to lose weight in three days, is that it is not essential to eat only tuna, as suggested by other types of diets.

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Tuna diet menu (VIDEO)

In the following video you will know and write down the menu that you have to follow.

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